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¬ŅCu√°l es el mejor mezcal? ¬ŅMitre Triple Agave o Mitre Ancestral?


Hello Mezcalero!

This time, I want to answer a question I've been asked lately: Which one to buy? Mitre Triple Agave or Mitre Ancestral? The answer is that they can't really be compared; both are entirely different spirits, and let me explain why.

Mezcal is the most complex distilled spirit globally, allowing us to create entirely different things. The key attribute of both mezcals is their high complexity in production, resulting in limited volumes and providing an exclusive consumption experience not found everywhere.

Regarding Mitre Triple Agave, its complexity lies in the blend of raw materials, ranging from obtaining Tepextate and Jabalí agaves (wild agave species with high harvesting difficulty) to the arduous fermentation and distillation process with Jabalí agave. The mixture of these two species along with espadín agave results in an assembly with various flavor and aroma nuances, offering different sensations with each sip.

On the other hand, the complexity of Mitre Ancestral lies in its distillation with clay pots. With this method, only 12 liters are distilled per day, while a copper still can distill up to 200 liters per day, highlighting how limited and special the production of Mitre Ancestral is.

But now, something crucial... What are the flavors and aromas of each?

Mitre Triple Agave offers aromas reminiscent of agave leaves, with earthy and damp grass notes. There are also hints of green fruits like quince with citrus and a subtle smokiness. Tasting it enhances these aromas, lingering in the aftertaste along with fruity notes, acidity, astringency, and bitterness.

With Mitre Ancestral, the experience is different. Aromas immediately bring to mind the clay in which it was distilled, with a fruity character leaning towards citrus like orange peel, lime, and grapefruit, all accompanied by herbal notes. Tasting Mitre Ancestral provides a robust flavor confirming agave and herbal aromas, akin to sipping directly from a clay pot. It offers a fresh, earthy sensation with pleasant acidity, leaving a long and luscious citrus character.

Now that you know more about Mitre Triple Agave and Mitre Ancestral, I hope your doubts about which one to choose have been resolved. Both offer a completely different experience, so I invite you to try them and choose your favorite in our official store