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Mezcal Mitre Origen 300: Una colaboración llena de arte


Hello Mezcalero!

In this blog, I want to tell you a bit about our latest altruistic project, Mitre Origen 300, a limited edition of our Mitre Origen product with a serialized production of only 300 pieces.

But what makes Mitre Origen 300 so special?

In addition to being one of our most versatile products, Mitre Origen 300 is a piece filled with art that we made in collaboration with Rodrigo Roji, a proudly Mexican multidisciplinary artist who joined the project to shape it. We approached Rodrigo not only for his great artistic technique that has made him famous but also for his expressed interest in participating in activities that support a good cause.

This edition comes carefully packaged in a case where you will find a lithograph, numbered and signed by Rodrigo, depicting a shaman with multiple arms and a jaguar head. You will also find our classic bottle of Mitre Origen 300 with a change of color in its labels, shifting from green to red, and with the same design of the lithograph printed on its label. Lastly, it is accompanied by two mezcal tasting glasses to share.

But undoubtedly the most important content of this project is the cause and the people we support.

Our emblematic bottle and our entire brand identity are inspired by the jaguar, an animal full of strength and symbolism for pre-Hispanic cultures that remains a key point in staying in the memory of our consumers today. That's why with Mitre Origen 300, we want to thank this species by donating $100,000.00 to the National Alliance for the Conservation of the Jaguar, a civil association responsible for protecting and conserving the jaguar and its habitat, as it is an endangered species in different countries like Mexico.

Unlike other artistic editions such as Mitre Arte Colectivo, with Mitre Origen 300, we aim to raise awareness among a younger audience about the importance of addressing serious environmental issues such as animal extinction, while also promoting Mexican art through a piece like this.

The reality is that with this special edition, you are not just buying a mezcal but a work of art that is also strengthened by a good cause.

I invite you to learn more details in our video with Rodrigo Roji.

Visit the gallery of our official store; where you are sure to fall in love with Mitre Origen 300.

Greetings and don't forget to share this blog with your art-loving friends and why not, mezcal lovers too!