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¿Dónde se hace Mezcal Mitre? Conoce La Capital Mundial del Mezcal


Hello mezcalero!

You probably already know where Mezcal Mitre originates from, that's right, from the famous Santiago Matatlán, a municipality in the state of Oaxaca known as the World Capital of Mezcal. It's a wonderful place that inspired me to create the distilled beverage that you enjoy so much, and it's a town that I'll tell you a bit more about this time.

Santiago Matatlán is a Mexican municipality located in the central valleys of the state of Oaxaca. Its existence dates back to before the Spanish conquest, evidenced by the pre-Hispanic constructions found in the eastern area of the town.

The name originated during a time when the textile industry was the main livelihood of the inhabitants. Matatlán has Nahuatl origins and translates to "Place of nets" or "near nets." "Santiago" is added in honor of the patron saint, Santiago Apóstol, commonly celebrated in the region.

Currently, the mezcal industry is the main economic activity in Santiago Matatlán. Agave cultivation and mezcal production have earned it recognition as the World Capital of Mezcal.

Great mezcal masters like Don Tacho and his sons, Joel and Laurentino, inhabit the region and keep alive a family tradition of creating products that rescue the authentic flavor of Mexico, through artisanal processes that give life to exquisite flavors and aromas like those found in Mezcal Mitre.

The essence of such a wonderful land as Santiago Matatlán sparked in me the desire to reflect our roots and a unique fusion that today is found in every sip of Mezcal Mitre. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful state of Oaxaca, don't hesitate to make a stop in Santiago Matatlán, I assure you won't regret it. Remember, the world belongs to the curious.