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¬ŅC√≥mo se hace la destilaci√≥n en olla de barro?

Distillation in Clay Pot

Hello mezcalero!

This month, I want to answer a question we received via Instagram about the process of crafting our Mezcal Mitre Ancestral and why it is such a special distilled spirit.

Ancestral mezcal is one of the rarest categories nationally, produced similarly to artisanal mezcal with one exception: the distillation process.

While artisanal mezcal is distilled in copper stills, ancestral mezcal is distilled in clay pots, significantly limiting the production rate.

In a day's work, up to 200 liters of artisanal mezcal can be distilled in a copper still. In contrast, with clay pots, only 12 liters of ancestral mezcal can be distilled per day. This means it takes 16 days of work to achieve the same quantity produced in just one day of artisanal mezcal production.

Due to the complexity of its distillation, ancestral mezcal represents only 1% of national production, making it a scarce and highly prized product among mezcal enthusiasts. They appreciate and savor the mineral notes, robust flavors, and fruity and smoky aromas that are not found in other distillation methods.

When you take a sip of Mezcal Mitre Ancestral, you are experiencing a taste and aroma that cannot be found everywhere due to the limited production of this category.

Enjoy the flavor of mezcal distilled in clay pots with Mitre Ancestral and discover why it is one of the gems of Casa Mitre. Get to know it, and remember that the world belongs to the curious.

Cheers, mezcalero!