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Mezcal Mitre Pride: Una edición especial en pro de la igualdad


Hello mezcalero!

This time, I want to take advantage of our blog to talk to you about a project that fills us with pride and that represented quite a challenge to consolidate: the launch of our Mitre Pride Edition.

This year, Mitre Pride Edition was a project to which we wanted to give a different touch and perspective, so we decided to create the design in collaboration with Juan Oyervides, a Mexican designer who was not only involved in the visual aspect but also in shaping the message we wanted to convey.

"For a long time, we have been taught that gender is a binary concept, limited to a biology determined by being born male or female. However, thanks to the great diversity existing in nature and its constant changes, gender can be conceived as a trans concept, which gives rise to the basic principle of human beings to explore different sexual orientations and gender expressions." - Juan Oyervides -

When Juan explained this to us, we realized that this new Mitre Pride Edition would become an extremely important channel to give voice to a struggle that has continued despite the multiple obstacles it has faced for several decades.

This is the second year in which we launched this special edition, and of course, it is a project with a cause, as we are once again supporting Casa Hogar Paola Buenrostro, a civil association whose objective is to create an environment that supports transgender women who have been victims of abuse, violence, and discrimination.

In the month of LGBTTTIQ+ Pride, it is important to remember our history, to look back and know where we come from to build a better future, to recognize what has marked us, what has set us back, and what has made us evolve to understand the point we are at and to continue walking together on a path towards an equal society.

Our Mitre Pride Edition is now available through our official store, Mercado Libre, and Amazon. We hope you enjoy this special edition a lot and we invite you to join us in giving #AToastToEquality.